Saturday, April 10, 2010

Laughter :)

Well my first blog is on laughter .....hahaha :)

There is no particular reason behind it, I just thought, why not start with a happy note.....hehe.

Also laughter is touted as one of the most effective weapon which human beings have, its free, its fun, its for all, no training required, no practice required and last but not the least no tax on laughing :) [rarely you get so much and that too for free...............isnt it :)]
Imagine world when people have to pay tax if caught laughing or even smiling....

Laughter is undoubtably the most healthy thing (ofcourse when you are laughing at what you or other people do and not laughing at what other people are which may have some unwanted consequences :) )
Some of the scientifically proven benefits of laughter are: it makes you look younger, natural pain killer, considered as equivalent to internal jogging, and some say laughter even helps you lose weigth (sounds like panacea to all..........)

Infact there is a separate study field known as "Gelontology" which deals with studying anything and everything to do with laughing and laughter.
Its been recommended that even if you don't have any reason to smile, fake some funny films or comedy shows and even if its repetition still each time its rejuvenating. Specially the great indian laughter shows, raju srivastava , russel peter and jeff dunham shows and many more :) ....thanks to internet and TV channels that there is no dearth of options......
Laughter is contagious, I still remember the initial ragging days during my graduation, when we freshers were asked to act and do funny things but at no point of time we were allowed to laugh or smile. And if we couldn't control our laugh (which almost 99% of the times we couldn't) , then we were ragged more and made to do even more funny stuff ... muski pochna. (engg grads would know what it is :))

Caution Note - Laughing at wrong time or for wrong reason or laughing at others with not a good sense of humor may be dangerous to your health and often you may have to pay the price or face the consequences!!


  1. Good one!!! :) I could not stop laughing... but i laughed at right places where it was required...:) nicely written and a good topic to start with... looking fwd to more posts from you... :)

  2. amazing dude.....but y the heck u have not mentioned even a single line about 'The brown laughter' or bhuri kee hansi....or .....

  3. Good start! Keep up the tempo :)

  4. Great initiative to tell benefit of laughter...
    moreover As we all know "Laughter is a very good ingredient in the recipe of happiness"

    and we should not forget that It is simple to be happy but difficult to be Simple.

    Try to make simple as much as you can then happiness with laughter will follow with full of excitement and passion.